Sorting Nuts

Our nuts sorting service ensures the quality and food safety of nuts. The machines on our sorting lines can get rid of nuts with any defects, foreign materials such as stones, branches and metal pieces, helping food companies ensure high standards of food hygiene.

Fuji Warehouse’s Nuts Sorting Line

In 2019, our nuts sorting factory has launched its operation at one of our bonded warehouses. We have introduced an air conditioner, LED lights, an air shower and dustproof wall & floor to maintain the hygienic environment.
We offer two different lines for sorting nuts: Q Sorter Sorting Line and Selective Sorting Line. On the Q sorter sorting line, foreign materials and defective beans are removed by scanning by an infrared electronic sensor. On the selective sorting line, the main operation methods are color sorting and X-ray scanner to sort materials.
Our sorting services are flexible; depending on the condition of materials and the facilities you require, you can choose the best sorting process for your product; it is possible to use both and combine the hand-picking service as well for enhancing the quality of your product.
With our bonded warehouses, imported and exported products do not need to be delivered to another place for sorting, eliminating cost and saving time. Therefore, we are confident to provide a cost-effective, reliable and efficient food storage and nuts sorting service.

Sorting Line

Pneumatic sorting, specific weight sorting, color sorting, piano wire sorting, X-ray scanner, metal detector and visual inspection conveyor

We offer the best and appropriate sorting processes according to your request. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns.

Hand-picked Service (For peanuts and other kinds of nuts)

Our hand-picked service involves the nuts being transferred to our own original plastic box and our skilled staff visually inspects each piece of nut and remove any with defects or foreign materials such as shells and stones. The plastic box is easy to clean and we use a different box depending on the materials, enabling us to maintain excellent food hygiene and avoid food contamination.