Warehousing & Storage

Fuji Warehouse Corporation own 4 bounded warehouses in Yokohama port area and we mainly store food ingredients, animal feeds and organic products. Our temperature controlled warehouses (Chilled) enable us to ensure the quality of food products. Besides that, three of our warehouses are organic certificated accredited by Ministry of Agriculture and two of them have the facility to fumigate cargo.

Storage and Handling Service

We provide a full range of warehousing services including value-added services such as inspection, packing, sorting and fumigation for export and import food products.

01Storage & Bonded Warehousing

We have an experienced workforce and warehouses with several functions, and we always pursue the best way to store your cargo, both import and export by controlling temperature and using handling equipment. We have recently specialized for storing organic products (agricultural products, processed food and animal feeds), coffee beans and nuts.


Goods can be delivered direct to factories or shops. We work with approved haulers and parcel carriers to provide delivery services across the country. Having a connection with a range of different carriers enables us to offer the most cost-effective and timely delivery arrangement according to your requirement.


We can provide a wide range of processing services such as attaching a Japanese label, repacking, inspection, sampling, wrapping and so on. Also, we have a fumigation facility for food ingredients and plants that have failed plant quarantine inspection by Customs.

Coffee Beans and Nuts

Yokohama port is ranked 1 st for the quantity of imported coffee beans in Japan. Since 1972, Fuji Warehouse Corporation has been handling coffee beans and accumulated significant experiences and knowledge about it.
One of our warehouses is specialized for coffee beans, and we have confidence in our handling service of coffee beans.
In addition, in recent years, we have expanded our operation of nuts sorting, offering two different methods of it depending on customers’ needs.

Storage for Coffee Beans

We provide a full range of high quality warehousing and handling services for coffee beans at our temperature-controlled warehouses.
First of all, we unload coffee beans in bags or cartons from the container and weight the units individually. After that, we pile the bags or cartons on a pallet and move the cargoes to a temperature controlled warehouse (15℃) as soon as possible. During storage, you can request many services from us such as sampling, labelling, pick and pack services and so on.

Sorting Process for Nuts

Our sorting facility secures the quality and safety of your products.
Our Hand-picked service involves the nuts being transferred to our original plastic box and our skilled staff visually inspect each piece of nut and remove any with defects and foreign materials such as shells and stones. The plastic box is easy to clean, enabling us to maintain excellent food hygiene.
Our Machine-sorted option uses a machine which can operate several processes such as X-ray inspection and color sorting. This enabled us to sort peanuts in bulks very quickly.
For maintaining up the quality and avoiding food contamination, we specialize in peanuts on our machine-sorting line.